Executive Committee

Core Faculty

NameProject RoleDepartment and Institution
Luis M. RochaPIInformatics, SoIC, IUB
Katy BörnerCo-PIIntelligent Systems Engineering, SoIC, IUB
Bernice A. PescosolidoCo-PISociology, CoAS, IUB
Armando RazoCo-PIPolitical Science, CoAS, IUB
Olaf SpornsCo-PIPsychological and Brain Sciences, CoAS, IUB
Randall BeerCore FacultyInformatics, SoIC, IUB
John BeggsCore FacultyPhysics, CoAS, IUB
Filomena GarciaCore FacultyEconomics, CoAS, IUB
Filippo MenczerCore FacultyInformatics, SoIC, IUB
William M. TrochimExternal EvaluatorCornell Office for Research on Evaluation (CORE);
Evaluation, Clinical & Translational Science Center, Cornell University

Committees and Roles

Evaluation Committee

Colloquia and Outreach Committee

Education and Training Committee

Recruiting and Admissions Committee

Project Coordinator

Graduate Office

  • Members: Cheryl Ann Engel, Beverly Diekhoff, Carrie Dawn Stemen