Complex Networks and Systems & Art History

Kelly Elizabeth McClinton focuses on the application of informatics methods to material culture studies. Her computational research focuses on digital 3D models as data sets. She has published on Augmented Reality For Interaction Design Students, Methods for Digitizing Ancient Sculpture, and New Interpretations Using a Digital Reconstruction: The Resting Satyr (pending).

Kelly’s art historical research centers on Roman art, especially art associated with the private realm, and focuses on issues of imitation and mimesis in Roman Wall Painting, as well as the mediation of nature within the interior displays. This research extends to a the ancient collection in the Indiana University Museum of Art where she has developed digital exhibitions with the acting ancient curator.

Her current research focuses on a digital reconstruction and publication of the House of Marcus Lucretius at Pompeii, procedural modeling, and automatic evolution of 3D data in Roman interiors. She is also a frequent visiting scholar at the American Academy in Rome.

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