How to Apply

CNS-NRT Fellowships

CNS-NRT Animated LogoStudents who enroll in this interdisciplinary training program must enroll in the Complex Networks and Systems track of the Informatics PhD program, as well as one of the following PhD programs: Cognitive SciencePolitical SciencePsychological & Brain SciencesSociology, and others on a case-by-case basis.

Application Deadline:

  • Deadline: January 1st, 2018
  • Deadline: December 1st, 2017

Applications forms and information

CNS-NRT Affiliates

Applications are requested during the Spring Semester. Please contact Program Coordinator Tara Holbrook for additional information.

PhD Minors

To enroll in the Complex Networks and Systems PhD Minor at the School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering, please contact the Informatics Graduate Studies Office at No application date required.

Network Science PhD Minor

To enroll in the Network Science PhD Minor via the Indiana University Network Science Institute, please contact the Professor Bernice Pescosolido. No application date required.